A country can be defined by many attributes. There is the country’s geography, culture, the people who live in it, and the way it has been handled. However, there is one more thing that is usually being overlooked. This factor is the country’s climate.

Somerset, just like any other country in the planet, has its own distinct climate. This, in return, affects the weather of this country. Included in the many factors are the country’s temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, and atmospheric pressure.

The Consistent Weather in Somerset

The Country’s Weather in General

In a general sense, the weather in Somerset is milder compared to other counties in South West England. Due to adjacent sea areas, the temperature does not fluctuate to the extremes. In fact, the mean temperature in Somerset is roughly around 10 degrees Celsius. It drops by nine degrees during the winter and rises as much as 11 degrees during the summer.

In addition, the sun does not shine nearly. This can be attributed to the cloud formation in the region. It has been estimated that the sun shine in Somerset as much 1,600 hours annually. That is quite a few sun appearance especially that a year is approximately 8,800 hours. It did not even reach half of it.

Recent and Upcoming Forecast

In the coming days, it is projected that most of the days will be cloudy. However, the sun will be peeking through it making the temperature roughly around 30 degrees Celsius. The least temperature would be around 13 degrees Celsius. There will be occasional rains, which makes bringing an umbrella a smart thing to do.

As Per Observation

From the weather forecast, one can clearly see that the climate of Somerset vastly affects the weather it will be experiencing. It has not changed over the years compared to other parts of the world. Hopefully, it will remain the same for many years to come. It is the perfect weather, considering the phenomenon that we are experiencing in the world of today.


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